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Northside Hospital

Northside Hospital in Atlanta is using Secure Web Access with McKesson's HorizonWP® Physician Portal to deliver fast and easy services to physicians when and where they need them. While the Horizon Physician Portal visually integrates disparate information systems to simplify the user experience, Secure Web Access provides the infrastructure to remotely access the portal securely and easily.

"The foundation for all of our physician strategies at Northside is our ability to address security, and McKesson's CareBridge services enable us to guarantee that the systems the physicians are accessing are secure," says Tina Wakim, director of radiology and information systems at Northside Hospital. "Most recently, Secure Web Access allowed us to accelerate our rollout of the HorizonWP Physician Portal, and we now have approximately 600 physicians accessing it from their homes and offices. Because there is nothing to install, implementations are so much easier and mobile physician users are location independent."

Northside Hospital also plans to work with McKesson later this year to test the Secure Web Access service in conjunction with its continued rollout of Horizon MobileCare™ Rounding to give physicians access to rounding reports from home via their personal digital assistants (PDAs). St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, Ala., is set to test CareBridge's wireless connectivity service (working with McKesson's Horizon MobileCare Messaging and Horizon Care Alerts™) to enable the organization to securely send critical messages over the Internet to physician cellphones and PDAs.