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CareBridge is an integrated set of services designed to build solid business-to-business commerce between you and your partners. Each service provides a key building block for creating strong, business-class information exchange. As a whole, the services are integrated to maximize their potential and minimize their complexities.

Extranet Connectivity is the cornerstone of CareBridge. It is through one of the managed, high reliability connections that you securely link your enterprise to the CareBridge backbone. Like our other services, the connectivity options are fully managed, turn-key, solutions.

Business Partner Connectivity provide the greatest degree of controlled data exchange, allowing secure, real-time or interactive connectivity between you and your partners. CareBridge provides a range of options from user-authenticated session access to controlled IP data exchange.

Remote Access Services provide PC connectivity to CareBridge and to your or your partner's applications. Fully turn-key, our solutions range from our Internet-based, secure access to our nationwide, ultra-reliable IP dial access.

Messaging Services provide reliable, managed messaging between your enterprise and your partners.

Internet Services integrates Internet access into the CareBridge environment. Following the same full service strategy, CareBridge offers a full complement of Internet access and Internet security management. In combination with the other CareBridge services, our Internet services can provide a powerful, single source solution for your Extranet needs.