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Business Partner Connectivity

The heart of business-to-business electronic commerce involves securely exchanging data between business partners. B2B Services provide interactive and real-time data exchange between partners, whether system to system or user to system. Combining these B2B Services with your Extranet Connectivity provides a robust, secure environment for conducting mission-critical business partner transactions.

Session Access Manager (SAM) provides controlled access, including user authentication, to your applications by business partners. SAM provides the access control and authentication firewalls, you provide the security policy, and your partners' security teams are responsible for managing the userids of their employees. By delegating userid administration to your business partners, you eliminate the major headache of administering hundreds or thousands of userid adds/changes/deletes as business partner employees come and go

Business Partner Access (BPA) enables your systems to directly communicate with your partners' systems using IP, TN3270, or SNA protocols. CareBridge is an approved CMS network service vendor and has the ability to access any third party connected to the AT&T Global Network. BPA can be used for both system-to-system communications, such as real-time eligibility verification transactions, or for interactive user-to-system connectivity where CareBridge doesn't need to provide user session authentication itself.

ASP Connection provides high data volume connectivity between your enterprise LAN and ASP Data Centers.