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Business Partner Connectivity : Business Partner Access

Business Partner Access (BPA) provides direct IP, TN3270, or SNA connectivity between organizations connected to the CareBridge network. As an AT&T reseller CareBridge BPA service has the ability to access any third party connected to the AT&T Global Network.

Approved CMS Network Vendor. McKesson is one of only a few vendors approved to provide connectivity to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CareBridge BPA service provides unlimited access to every function within CMS. Click here for details

IP to IP routed communications. BPA  can provide direct IP to IP routed connectivity to any third party connected to the AT&T Global network as well as any other CareBridge customer.

IP to SNA (TN3270) communications. BPA can provide access to SNA based application via the AT&T Services Gateway. This provides access to parts of CMS and other SNA based applications not accessible via direct IP routing.

SNA to SNA communications. BPA can also provide for direct SNA to SNA communications via Enterprise Extender.

While CareBridge does configure access controls to match the type of communications requested, there is no session authentication within the CareBridge network. This is most useful in two scenarios:

Real-time, system-to-system communications. By far, the most efficient electronic commerce involves system-to-system data transfer not requiring human involvement. BPA allows your systems to communicate with your business partners' systems using predefined protocols. You and your business partner, both connected to the CareBridge network, can exchange IP-based transactions on a 24x7, real-time basis, just as if both systems were located on the same LAN. For example, your systems may query an eligibility verification service in real time over the CareBridge network as a patient is being admitted.

Interactive user-to-system communications. Many organizations have business systems on which they allow business partner employees to log in and access or process transactions. BPA provides the conduit between your partners and your application system.

In both situations, CareBridge implements two types of controls. First, IP routes are established over the CareBridge backbone to allow IP traffic to flow between your enterprise and your partner's enterprise. Second, we enable specific protocol controls that allow the required IP protocol needed for the application, while blocking unwanted protocols.

Business Partner Access streamlines your business to business connectivity in several ways:

· One fully managed, secure connection
· Standardized mechanisms for B2B connectivity
· Highly experienced support staff that understands the needs you and your business partners have
· End-to-end management and support