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Extranet Connectivity

CareBridge provides a variety of ways to connect to the CareBridge Network. Each service provides a fully managed, turn-key, data connection, enabling you to take advantage of the other CareBridge services. Because this connectivity can be mission critical and must meet governmental requirements CareBridge service meets all governmental requirements for handling PHI and includes 7x24 live support, access control, reporting, and proactive monitoring.

Extranet Data Line is the most common, flexible and secure option for connectivity. Through this connection, you can begin to consolidate your varied communications with your business partners. This option provides a managed leased line connection from your enterprise LAN to the CareBridge Network. Speeds range from 56kbs to 45mbs DS3 to 155mbs OS3 options.

HSRP Backup Line provides hot standby backup for your primary Data Line. As you continue to place more business-critical services over the Extranet Data Line, the HSRP Backup option provides an extra element of protection against circuit outages.

Extranet PVC is a special connectivity option useful for organizations connected to the AT&T MDNS network. This option provides logical connectivity to the CareBridge Network without the enterprise having to purchase another full leased line connection.

Extranet VPN Service provides a secure tunnel from your enterprise LAN to the CareBridge Network over the Internet. This service can provide application support access for all of your McKesson systems and access to all internal McKesson resources such as the McKesson clearing house and data centers. This option can also be used as a remote LAN access solution where a remote office or clinic needs access to your applications.