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Extranet Connectivity : Extranet Data Line

The Extranet Data Line is the primary connection for accessing the full suite of CareBridge Services. A single data line connection can replace a multitude of modems, leased lines and other communication methods used by your enterprise today to exchange data with your partners.

The data line service is fully turn-key. We provide all of the components necessary to connect your enterprise LAN to the CareBridge Network, including the circuit, the backbone port, the CSU, a router to connect the data line to your LAN, a modem for support access, and the security configuration to provide appropriate data management and isolation. As part of the installation, we perform the installation of these components, circuit testing and end-to-end service testing.

The Extranet Data Line is an extremely reliable solution for connecting your enterprise to your business partners. In addition to a well designed circuit configuration, we provide 24x7 support and maintenance of the data line. If a connection fails, our systems automatically generate a problem ticket and our support staff begins testing and repair. Our comprehensive support covers basic connectivity as well as insuring that each and every service you use over the data line is functioning properly.

There are several configuration options for the Extranet Data Line. A variety of line speeds are available, from 56kbs to 45mbs DS3 to 155mbs OS3. IP is the primary protocol. The SNA protocols can be enabled as an option. In addition, there are other CareBridge services that can provide additional bandwidth and/or redundancy for your Extranet Data Line.

The basis for successful connectivity between organizations is a rock solid foundation. The Extranet Data Line provides a reliable, secure connection managed 24x7 by a team of connectivity experts.