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Extranet Connectivity : HSRP Backup Line

The Extranet HSRP Backup service provides a hot standby backup connection to your Extranet Data Line. It is a cost effective method of providing additional reliability to your connection to the CareBridge network.

Like the Extranet Data Line, the Extranet HSRP Backup service is fully turn-key. We provide the backup circuit and equipment. This backup line will have a separate router and can terminate in the same location or a different location provided the 2 routers can communicate via your network.

When the backup router senses a failure with the primary line connection, it will automatically create a connection to the CareBridge network over the backup circuit. When the primary line failure is corrected, the router will redirect traffic to the primary circuit and the backup circuit will go back to hot standby mode.

By design, Extranet HSRP Backup provides redundancy not only to the circuit between your facility and the CareBridge network, but also to the CareBridge node to which your Extranet Data Line is connected. If you have engineered diverse entrances into your facility for your voice and data circuits, the Extranet HSRP Backup circuits can take advantage of them as well.

Extranet HSRP Backup comes in a variety of speeds from 56kbs to 155 Meg. The speed chosen must be between 50% and 100% of the primary Extranet Data Line and in some cases must match the primary Extranet Data Line speed.