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Internet Services

Access to the Internet has become an invaluable business tool. Following our strategic model for turn-key services, CareBridge provides several Internet services to help you provide access from your organization to the Internet.

Internet Gateway Service enables your organization to access Internet resources through CareBridge provided firewalls. Serving as your ISP, CareBridge manages, secures, and supports the firewalls in the CareBridge backbone, relieving you of the ongoing security support tasks.

Web Access Management provides your organization the tools to tailor web access to Internet sites that are permissible according to your Internet policy.

Web Access Control provides greater control over who within your organization can access the Internet.

Managed Internet Service provides reliable high speed Internet access through  AT&T. Managed Internet Service is available in speeds from T1 (1536k) to 1000 Mbps. Unlike CareBridge EDL services, which provides access to everything McKesson and access to non McKesson business partners via the AT&T Global Network, Managed Internet Service only provides Internet access. It cannot be used with CareBridge Business Partner Access or for access to McKesson resources, except when used with CareBridge VPN service. However, if what you are looking for is reliable high speed Internet access CareBridge Managed Internet Service may be right for you.

The CareBridge backbone and the Internet share a tight but distinctly separate relationship. This allows us to provide Internet services without compromising the benefits provided by a private, managed backbone.