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Internet Services: Internet Gateway Services

Internet Gateway Service (IGS) takes advantage of your Extranet Data Line to provide you with access to the Internet. Using centralized, high performance firewalls, IGS provides your users the ability to access the Internet while protecting your enterprise from unauthorized access.

Properly maintaining and securing an Internet connection requires a solid investment in skilled resources - ongoing training in Internet Security, the time commitment to properly maintain firewall software patches and releases, and the expense to hire an outside firm to periodically audit and test your firewall configurations.

Our Internet Gateway Service provides many benefits:

Cost - IGS is significantly less expensive than the ongoing maintenance expenses of managing your own Internet firewall.

Security Expertise - The CareBridge engineering team has extensive experience with internetworking and Internet security. Internet security involves a number of skills that are substantially different from enterprise network security.

Turn-key Design - Following the CareBridge model, IGS is designed as a turn-key solution.

Firewall protection - Access control is redundantly enforced by multiple components in the chain.

Management and Support - The CareBridge support and engineering teams monitor and support the network and systems 24x7.