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Internet Services: Web Access Management

The Internet is a remarkable productivity tool, giving users access to a tremendous amount of information. Corporations have developed Internet Access Policies, explaining to employees what is and is not appropriate use.

Web Access Management (WAM) is a tool you can use to enforce your Internet Access Policy. Integrated with the Internet Gateway Service, WAM limits user access only to those web sites deemed acceptable according to your policy. This tool helps you manage three key elements:

· Appropriate Content - You can restrict access to sites deemed inappropriate in a corporate or office setting.

· Employee Productivity - You can limit access to web sites that distract employees from their work.

· Network Bandwidth - By limiting Internet access to appropriate uses, you can better manage your enterprise LAN and Internet connection bandwidth.

Setting up WAM is very easy. Simply fill out a form identifying the categories of Internet sites for which you want to restrict access, and the CareBridge team will install the policy on the IGS and WAM servers.