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Messaging Services

A fundamental part of sharing information with business partners is a messaging infrastructure. Messaging can take many forms, from user-to-user E-mail to system-to-system Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). CareBridge offers a variety of messaging services to facilitate mission-critical transaction processing between partners.

E-mail Gateway Service (EGS) provides a secure choke point between your enterprise e-mail system and the Internet. Focused on e-mail, the gateway handles first-level security, including various SMTP protocol controls and anti-relay checking. As a store-and-forward gateway, EGS can continue collecting e-mails delivered from the Internet even while your enterprise e-mail system may be down. EGS has many advanced services including Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam and Secure Email transmission.

Anti-Virus / Anti-SPAM Service provides both Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM filtering of Email.

Secure E-mail Service provides encryption of e-mail either automatically base on content or by keywords.

EDI Services provides traditional value-added network EDI transport.

Each service integrates with all other CareBridge services to provide comprehensive business-to-business solution.