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Messaging Services: Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM

Over the past several years, e-mail based viruses and unwanted unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) or SPAM have become major problems for most corporations.

Our past experience has shown that the reception of one e-mail virus can temporarily wipe-out major portions of corporate networks and servers requiring heavy allocation of resources to recover. Some viruses can also impact the privacy and integrity of confidential data (something about HIPAA here?), opening the enterprise up to possible legal implications.

The increasing prevalence of SPAM e-mail has grown to epidemic proportions. The increased LAN/WAN bandwidth and server requirements to handle this extra volume have heavily increased IT budgets. The annoyance and frustration of end-users receiving the SPAM is also a continuing irritation to e-mail administrators. Studies of our typical client e-mail flow shows that over 90% of inbound e-mail can be classified as SPAM.

In order to help avoid both of these issues, CareBridge offers a Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM scanning service.

. Anti-Virus Scanning - This service will utilize state-of-the-art software to scan all inbound and outbound e-mail attachments for possible virus contamination. Any contaminated mail will be quarantined and error messages will be sent to the client sender/recipient.

. Anti-SPAM Scanning – We are using one of the top scanning systems in the industry. This system is based on a constantly updated subscription so as to maximize the SPAM detection. Beta and Production testing with clients has shown a near-zero false positive rate (detection of e-mail as SPAM when it is not) and a very low false negative rate (non-detection of SPAM e-mail). We are currently seeing hit-rates of over 90% for clients utilizing this service thereby decreasing their e-mail volume by this amount every day.

Both of the above services are immediately available to any CareBridge client.