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Messaging Services: EDI

CareBridge's EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution is designed to accommodate your e-commerce goals, providing you the optimum in electronic communication methods with your suppliers, outsourced services, and other business partners who interact with your enterprise.

CareBridge EDI Service

CareBridge manages and supports EDI as a common point of contact between you, your applications, and your trading partners. Using IBM's Information Exchange, CareBridge receives transactions and documents from you and your trading partners on its network, routes them to the targeted recipients, and stores the data for retrieval.

This store-and-retrieve approach yields many advantages. First, it uses a sophisticated electronic mailbox that can help simplify communication between disparate systems. Second, you can send and receive at your convenience without any concern for time constraints and scheduling difficulties. This proves efficient when communicating with business partners across multiple time zones.

This process is achieved by utilizing the provision of an electronic mailbox and computer-to-computer communications between a wide range of processors, personal computers, and intelligent terminals. As one of CareBridge's enterprise service components, this EDI solution enables you to send and receive information of virtually any size in electronic form, from standard-format EDI transactions to free-format documents such as memos, letters, and order status inquiries.

This means you can use CareBridge's EDI service for a wide variety of applications from consolidating overnight sales data to implementing an integrated EDI program using a single service and a single connection to CareBridge.

Using the EDI solution, you can: