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Messaging Services: Email Gateway Services

E-mail delivery between organizations is probably the most valuable use of the Internet since its inception. E-mail has certainly become a mission-critical element in business operations.

E-mail Gateway Service (EGS) utilizes a firewalled gateway to provide e-mail connectivity between your enterprise e-mail system and all of the e-mail systems connected to the Internet. In addition to this standard service, we also offer complete Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM checking for all inbound e-mail (see Messaging Services: Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM). The gateway acts as a store-and-forward relay, completely receiving e-mails from a sender and forwarding them to their destinations. This provides far greater protection of your e-mail environment than packet-inspection firewall systems can. EGS provides several key benefits

· Your e-mail servers do not have direct TCP/IP connectivity with servers on the Internet, thus providing basic protections at the network layer.

· Since the EGS gateway completely handles communications with the Internet, your e-mail systems are not affected by the potential delivery mishandling by any of the thousands of e-mail servers connected to the Internet.

· The EGS gateway protects your servers from being used as a spam relay.

In addition, should your e-mail system stop working either for maintenance or because of system problems, the EGS gateway will continue to collect e-mails being sent to your organization. When your e-mail system becomes operational again, the EGS gateway will automatically begin forwarding all of the saved e-mails to your servers.