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Messaging Services: Secure Email

With the increasing visibility to undesired Protected-Healthcare-Information (PHI) disclosure and the mandates specified by HIPAA for transport of PHI across a public network (the Internet), the sending of Email containing PHI has become a major concern for most corporations.

Our experience is showing that most healthcare enterprises are sending many Emails containing PHI across the Internet "in-clear" in direct violation of HIPAA legislation. This undesired privacy and integrity exposure of Email on a public network opens the enterprise up to possible legal implications.

In order to help avoid this issue, CareBridge offers the Secure-Email service.

In this service, all selected Email being transported across the Internet will be either Content-Encrypted or utilize Transport Layer Security (TLS) to prevent visibility and/or tampering by third-parties.

You can look at a more-detailed short presentation of the service (including pricing) at the Secure Email Presentation. Further collateral documentation concerning the Secure Email Service, including the end-user experience can be found by clicking on Customer Support in the left menu then clicking on Admin Support.

This service is immediately available to any CareBridge client.