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Remote Access Services: Secure Remote Access

The CareBridge Secure Remote Access (SRA) Service enables remote users to leverage the public Internet as a strategic backbone to access corporate applications. This can be achieved using dial-up, wireless broadband, Wi-Fi, DSL, cable, or almost any other Internet access technology. SRA is an ideal solution for remote physicians, telecommuters, transcriptionists, employees, outsourced operations, and others in need of remote access to your local applications.

CareBridge creates safety and security with its SRA service by addressing and complying with strong security guidelines regarding three main security weaknesses inherent with unmanaged Internet communications - authentication, confidentiality, and choke point access controls.

The SRA service is offered as a turn-key solution that is completely managed and supported by CareBridge. This is beneficial in several ways:

· You have no capital outlays for hardware and maintenance.
· Your required support staff, documentation, expertise and capacity management responsibilities are minimal, saving you thousands of dollars in investment and overhead costs.
ยท SRA can be deployed immediately - you don't have to "learn" the nuances of any new network hardware or software systems.

Achieving cost-effective and secure connections over the Internet will improve your organization's ability to communicate, to compete, and to increase its overall productivity. Integrated into the CareBridge suite of services, SRA provides a simple, yet very cost effective method of connecting your employees and business partners to your applications.